Price Feeds

goStables Protocol currently receives offchain price feed data for the various currencies supported, from sources its price data from financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank.


The off-chain price data is fetched via Exchangerate's API by the goStables' Price Oracle node which automatically feeds the current market rates directly on-chain, for the relevant gStable, to gStableManager contract. This check currently occurs every 12 hours* on Tron Mainnet. If the rates have changed the contract is updated accordingly.

As the protocol grows, more nodes will be deployed that retrieves/publishes on-chain price data from multiple real world sources, increasing accurate real world price feeds on-chain as well as strengthening overall resiliency and reliability.

In the future when enough resources are available, the price feed nodes could be spun off into a separate product to service other projects that require on-chain data from off-chain sources.

*Will be modified to shorter time intervals in future once there is greater demand and more energy resources available for cost efficient updates.

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