Contract Addresses

goStables Protocol consists of 3 core smart contracts and N gStable Token contracts:

  • gStableManager - A lookup directory mapping of all deployed gStables with additional support for popular stablecoins eg. USDD, USDT etc. This can be useful for integration in third party Dapps.

  • SwapStableCoin - Exchanges USDD from/to gStables.

  • VaultStableCoin - Supports staking USDD and earning gStable rewards up to 80% of swap fees, to be claimable by Vault users.

  • gStable Token - Allows minting of the particular gStable (TRC20) via the SwapStableCoin contract.

There are additional contracts that support the protocol contracts above. These can be found on Github:


The goStables Protocol is currently available on Tron's Nile Testnet and Tron Mainnet.

A mock USDD faucet was created at so that anyone can request USDD to play with the protocol on Nile or even use them for testing in your own projects.


USDD (Mainnet - Tron Official) - TPYmHEhy5n8TCEfYGqW2rPxsghSfzghPDn

JustLend Market

A mock JustLend USDD Market was also created on Nile to simulate the Supply + Redeem functions used by the Swap and Vaults.

jUSDD (NILE) - TQq9o4PahyoLociVzCnBMRRDdPZrNNkW1f

jUSDD (Mainnet - Tron Official) - TX7kybeP6UwTBRHLNPYmswFESHfyjm9bAS

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