Contract Addresses

goStables Protocol consists of 3 core smart contracts and N gStable Token contracts:
  • gStableManager - A lookup directory mapping of all deployed gStables with additional support for popular stablecoins eg. USDD, USDT etc. This can be useful for integration in third party Dapps.
  • SwapStableCoin - Exchanges USDD from/to gStables.
  • VaultStableCoin - Supports staking USDD and earning gStable rewards up to 80% of swap fees, to be claimable by Vault users.
  • gStable Token - Allows minting of the particular gStable (TRC20) via the SwapStableCoin contract.
There are additional contracts that support the protocol contracts above. These can be found on Github: https://github.com/gostables/smart-contracts


The goStables Protocol is currently available on Tron's Nile Testnet and Tron Mainnet.
A mock USDD faucet was created at https://nile.gostables.org/faucets so that anyone can request USDD to play with the protocol on Nile or even use them for testing in your own projects.
USDD (Mainnet - Tron Official) - TPYmHEhy5n8TCEfYGqW2rPxsghSfzghPDn

JustLend Market

A mock JustLend USDD Market was also created on Nile to simulate the Supply + Redeem functions used by the Swap and Vaults.
jUSDD (Mainnet - Tron Official) - TX7kybeP6UwTBRHLNPYmswFESHfyjm9bAS