goStables is a fully-decentralized stablecoin protocol on the Tron Network. You can use this to mint, trade and earn from, a variety of stablecoins called gStables, which are pegged to their real world market prices. gStables are over-collateralised with USDD, the official decentralized stablecoin settlement layer on Tron blockchain, which was initiated by the TronDAO Reserve in 2022.
Currently, you can use the goStables Protocol to access a variety of gStables of Caribbean currencies. In the future, more regions will be added.
The protocol has 3 core features for users:
  • Swap - Users can swap USDD to mint a variety of gStables - gXCD, gTTD, gBBD, gJMD with more options in the future. Swap them back at anytime to USDD at real world market rates. The latter action burns the gStable.
  • Vaults - When users stake USDD to a Vault, their deposit is sent to JustLend's USDD market. Yields generated there are transferred to the Swap to increase a gStable's over-collateralization over time, increasing redemption stability during real world market fluctuations. In return for supporting the health of the protocol, Vault users earn rewards - a share up to 80% of the protocol's swap fees.
  • Wallet - Users can view their gStable and Vault balances as well as claim gStable Vault rewards monthly.
The TronLink wallet is one of the basic components to access the the web3 world on Tron Network. You can install the Chrome or FireFox add-on through its official website. You can follow this guide to create a TronLink Wallet:
After the TronLink installation and setup, ensure that you have enough TRX or Energy + Bandwidth in your account to cover your transactions on Tron Network.
To use goStables on Tron Mainnet, please vist https://app.gostables.org
For testing purposes, you can launch goStables on Nile Testnet via (https://nile.gostables.org) and click - Connect Wallet, to link your TronLink to goStables.

Get Nile Testnet tokens

For playing around on Tron's Nile Testnet you can:
Get Nile TRX here - https://nileex.io/join/getJoinPage
Then you can follow this video guide:
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